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Bay of Quinte Remedial Action Plan :: Healthy Bay, Healthy Community

Landowner Stewardship Programs

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Download a shoreline brochure.              Download a farm stewardship brochure.                          

Let us help make your habitat projects a reality with cost-sharing incentives.

Did you know that private landowners have a very important role to play in habitat recovery and protection around the Bay of Quinte.  

The Habitat Enhancement Program offers a cost-sharing incentives for Shoreline Naturalization, Waterway Plantings, and Water Quality Improvement Projects.

For the categories of  Livestock Fencing, Alternate Watering Sources, and Waterway Plantings the funding zone has been expanded and certain grant amounts have increased.

The Land Lease Program is designed to financially compensate agricultural landowners adjacent to a watercourse draining into the Bay of Quinte. Funding will be provided as an incentive to lease land and to establish a buffer/riparian zone between agricultural land and the watercourse. - contact Mary Gunning at Quinte Conservation

For a complimentary site visit and technical advice contact:

Mary Gunning, BQRAP Environmental Technician, Quinte Conservation
613-968-3434 ext 106 or  Email Mary Today!

Veronika Wright, BQRAP Environmental Technician, Lower Trent Conservation
613-394-3915 ext 253 or  Email Veronika Today!