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Bay of Quinte Remedial Action Plan :: Healthy Bay, Healthy Community


TD Friends of the Environment Foundation

Since 1990, TD FEF has provided more than $53 million in funding to over 19,000 grassroots environment and wildlife projects across Canada. Thousands of donors give to TD FEF on a monthly basis and TD Bank Group contributes in excess of $1 million annually. TD also covers the management costs of running TD FEF, which guarantees 100 per cent of every dollar donated goes directly to funding environment and wildlife projects in the community where the donation was made. For more information on how to donate and get involved in your community, visit

Growing Forward

We are encouraging the adoption of environmentally sound practices to improve the quality of our soil, water, air and biodiversity. The Canada-Ontario Environmental Farm Plan (EFP) is an education and awareness program delivered by the Ontario Soil and Crop Improvement Association. It helps producers assess their farm's environmental strengths and weaknesses.
For more information:

Community Fisheries and Wildlife Involvement Program

The Community Fisheries and Wildlife Involvement Program (CFWIP) is your opportunity to participate in hands-on fish and wildlife management and biodiversity conservation activities. You can develop volunteer projects that will aid fish and wildlife in the province, and improve opportunities for outdoor recreation. The Ministry of Natural Resources (MNR) will provide financial help, expertise, equipment and materials for approved CFWIP projects. We welcome everyone in Ontario to volunteer his or her time and ideas.

Evergreen Grants

Walmart – Evergreen Green Grant

Walmart Canada and Evergreen have combined to offer this national program funding community-based restoration and stewardship initiatives in urban and urbanizing areas. For more information:

The Home Depot – Evergreen Rebuilding Nature Grant

The Home Depot Canada and Evergreen together offer the Rebuilding Nature Grant Program to support environmental stewardship projects in cities and towns across Canada.

To cover the costs of tools and building projects, native plants and trees, and other expenses, the Rebuilding Nature Grant Program provides community groups with grants of $1,000, $3,000 or $8,000 — plus $2,000 in The Home Depot gift cards.

Unilever – Evergreen Aquatic Stewardship and Conservation Grant

The Unilever – Evergreen Aquatic Stewardship and Conservation Grant program supports education and restoration projects that:

·         • are small-scale

·         • are community-driven

·        •   increase public awareness of sustainable water use and

·         • highlight the importance of aquatic features and

·         • provide meaningful opportunities for community action.

·         • promote the wise use of water resources through educational and hands-on activities.

For more information:

Conservation Land Tax Incentive Program

The Conservation Land Tax Incentive Program (CLTIP) is designed to recognize, encourage and support the long-term private stewardship of Ontario's provincially significant conservation lands by providing property tax relief to those landowners who agree to protect the natural heritage values of their property. For more information please contact your local MNR office or visit For more information:

Managed Forest Tax Incentive Program

The Managed Forest Tax Incentive Program(MFTIP) is a voluntary program, that provides lower property taxes to participating landowners who own four hectares or more of forest land, and who agree to prepare and follow a Managed Forest Plan for their property. For more information contact your local Ministry of Natural Resources office or visit:

Conservation Easements

Conservation Easements are one way that private landowners can protect their lands into the future.  For more information on conservation easements please contact the Hastings Prince Edward Land Trust ( or the Ontario Land Trust Association promotes voluntary private land conservation to benefit communities and natural heritage systems. For information:

Ontario Heritage Trust

The Ontario Heritage Trust – the province's lead heritage agency – is dedicated to identifying, preserving, protecting and promoting Ontario's rich and varied heritage for the benefit of present and future generations. More information is available at


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Osprey Cam is off-line for the season. It was another successful year, 3 young fledged the nest. 

Zero P Zero Worries
If you purchase lawn fertilizer this year, choose a bag that is phosphorus-free. That means ZERO is the middle number, i.e.: 10-0-5.

Zebra Mussels
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