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Bay of Quinte Remedial Action Plan :: Healthy Bay, Healthy Community

Beneficial Use Impairment #4

BUI #4 - Fish tumours and other deformities

Status -  Restored - February 17, 2017

Fish tumours and other deformities -  Infographic
Bui-4.jpgThe Bay of Quinte RAP has enough scientific evidence to change the status of BUI #4 - Fish tumours and other deformities. Based on the results of a detailed and lengthy study, it was determined that liver tumours in Bay of Quinte brown bullheads are no longer a concern. Brown bullheads were used for this study, since they are considered an indicator species because they live near or on the bottom of lakes, rivers, and streams. The Restoration Council approved the change in status of Beneficial Use Impairment #4 - Fish  tumours and other deformities, to not impaired. 
The Restoration Council which directs the Bay of Quinte RAP includes members from local Conservation Authorities, federal and provincial agencies and non-government organizations. They work together to implement the recommended actions to restore the Bay of Quinte. 

Criteria and Supporting evidence

1. Demonstrate no environmental significant difference between the type, frequency and occurrence of tumours in Bay of Quinte brown bullheads and an unimpaired Great Lakes site with similar physical and chemical characteristics as the Bay of Quinte OR an unimpaired site outside the Great Lakes basin with similar population characteristics as the Bay of Quinte. Not Impaired

Fish Tumours and other Deformities Report

BUI # 4 Redesignation Report

BUI# 4 Staff Report recommending redesignation


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