BUI #11 - Degradation of aesthetics

StatusPublic Comment Period – Closed

In the Stage 1 report, that outlined the environmental problems facing the Bay of Quinte, this BUI was indentified as impaired due to excess algae. The criteria established for this BUI was related to reducing excess algae, which would improve water clarity.

However, it was noted that the Bay of Quinte RAP restoration target and measure did not align with the IJC’s original intent for the Aesthetics BUI which was to identify the following impacts that adversely affect the “aesthetics” as a beneficial use in the AOC:

  • Unnatural/man-made impacts; and
  • Near-shore impacts

In 2018, the BUI criteria was revised to address the original intent of the BUI.

New Target: Nearshore surface waters of the Bay of Quinte are free of any substance due to human activity that produces a persistent objectionable deposit, unnatural colour or turbidity or unnatural odour (for instance, oil slick or surface scum).

Monitoring staff have collected data for man-made issues related to: water colour, clarity, odour and debris.

In 2018, the Bay scored at 9.5 or Excellent. In 2019, the Bay scored at 9.8 or Excellent.

Video: Aesthetics on the Bay