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Bay of Quinte Remedial Action Plan :: Healthy Bay, Healthy Community

Municipal Actions - moving forward



There is a list of 80 recommended actions to address the 11 environmental challenges, identified by the RAP, that must be completed before the Bay of Quinte can be removed from the International Joint Commission's list of Areas of Concern.

A large number of the recommended actions have been completed. However, there are still some outstanding ones that require municipal involvement. 

An example of a recommended action is: Recommendation #29 - The Quinte area municipalities should undertake programs of routine street and catch basin cleaning (cleaning includes the pickup, removal and proper disposal of street and catch basin dirt, waste, garbage and contaminants) - Completed

To accomplish the goal of completing the RAP and changing the Bay’s Area of Concern designation - all municipal-related actions must be addressed.  As well, municipal involvement in the development of the  long-term Phosphorus Management Strategy is essential to ensure, what has been accomplished is maintained and that future issues are managed.

Municipal Focused Recommendations
Bay of Quinte Stormwater Management Design Guidelines
Fact Sheet on Blue Green Algae for Drinking Water Systems Owners and Operators

Recent News & Event

A Summer of Science on the Bay. Follow as we highlight our partner agencies' summer monitoring.

1. Quinte Conservation

2. Environment and Climate Change Canada (EC)

3. Coastal Wetland Monitoring

4. EC and Canadian Centre for Inland Waters

5. Fisheries and Oceans Canada

6. Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry

BQRAP October 2018 newsletter This newsletter covers: new invasive fish found in Bay, where does your drinking water come from, and Free soil testing and cover crop grant.

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Water Soldier - Find out about the impacts of this invasive plant on the Bay of Quinte 

Annual Report 2017

Federal funding for Bay of Quinte - Environment Canada announces funding for 5 restoration and protection projects for Bay of Quinte.

Landowner Stewardship Programs - Check out all the funding programs Here.....

Septic Stewardship Program... More Info  Find out if you are eligible for a free septic tank pump out and up to 80% cost sharing for minor repairs.

Healthy Soils Check-up Program - Farmers you could be eligible for FREE soil testing. More Info...

Lake Ontario/Bay of Quinte Water Levels Fact Sheet.

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Project Quinte 2017 Report
A multi-agency research and monitoring program for the Bay of Quinte

Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry

Lake Sturgeon research project

Ontario's Great Lakes Strategy - More here

Great Lakes Protection Act Here

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