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Bay of Quinte Remedial Action Plan :: Healthy Bay, Healthy Community

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Water levels on the Bay of Quinte and Lake Ontario

Here are some links to help shoreline residents understand water levels, who is responsible for what, and how to protect your property.

Water levels fact sheet


BQRAP monitors 15 coastal wetlands around
the Bay of Quinte

Shorelines are often called "the ribbon of life"

Shorelines are a critical and sensitive link between land and water, often called “the ribbon of life”.  The land and shallow water that meet at the water’s edge provide a nursery for the wildlife. Here, fish spawn, aquatic insects find mates, waterfowl nest, and turtles scramble ashore to lay their eggs.

Unaware of their importance of native plants to their shorelines many landowners destroy the cattails, bulrushes and other native species, and replace them with lawns and non-native plant species. Native plant species protect you shoreline from erosion because they have deep root systems. Removal of native plants and alterations to land close to the shore can destroy productive habitat and degrade water quality.

Keeping your shoreline natural does not have to be time-consuming or expensive. Simply not mowing the grass or cutting the trees and shrubs at least 5 meters from the shoreline will allow natural vegetation to grow and establish. If some vegetation must be re­moved for access to the water or to improve your view, prune trees and shrubs instead of removing them completely.

Here is a great check list to help you have a healthy shoreline.

Shoreline Fact Sheet

Erosion Fact Sheet

If you need help creating, protecting or rehabilitating a shoreline, we offer a cost sharing program.

Landowner Stewardship Programs