Did you know that everything that goes down the storm drain goes into the nearest body of water - Untreated

Stormwater runoff refers to rain, melted snow and ice from any hard surface: roadways, parking lots, sidewalks, roofs, your yard etc. It’s typically directed towards the street and into the municipal storm sewer system. This stormwater runoff picks up harmful substances such as road salt, fertilizer, pesticides, sediment, motor oil, litter, and pet and yard waste as it runs across any hard surface then down the curb to the nearest storm sewer. Then it flows into the nearest body of water (Bay of Quinte), untreated, where it can harm water quality and aquatic habitat.

You can help improve stormwater quality by: picking up pet waste, washing your car on the lawn, using zero P fertilizer and sweeping any excess off hard surfaces, getting a rain barrel, cleaning up the sand and salt left after the winter, and not dumping anything down the storm sewer you don’t want to drink.