Build a rain garden on your property

A rain garden is an inexpensive way to manage the stormwater runoff from your yard. Rain gardens are placed between stormwater runoff sources (roofs, driveways, parking lots) and runoff destinations (streets and storm sewers).

A rain garden is a shallow depression in the ground that can be planted with any combination of shrubs, grasses or flowers. The plants and soil work together allowing the water to soak into the ground and filter pollutants, just as they do in nature. Besides helping water quality and reducing runoff, rain garden plants provide habitat for beneficial insects and wildlife. Remember to use native plants.

By reducing the amount of contaminants in stormwater you will be helping to keep the Bay of Quinte a healthy and vibrant ecosystem.

Why a Rain Garden? Because it has a job to do.

  • Providing habitat for wildlife, such as birds, butteflies, and bees
  • Helping protect streams, rivers, and lakes from pollutants carried by stormwater runoff
  • Helping protect communities from flooding
  • Increasing the amount of water entering the ground, which re-charges aquifers
  • Beautifying your yards and neighbourhood

If you live in an urban centre around the Bay of Quinte you could be eligible for a grant of up to $750 for native plants, soil, compost, gravel, and mulch to establish a functioning rain garden.

Jason Jobin, Bay of Quinte Remedial Action Plan, Environmental Technician
P: 613-394-3915 ext 255 


Kaitlin Maurer, Bay of Quinte Remedial Action Plan, Environmental Technician
P: 613-968-3434 ext 107


Shoreline Planting program

Shoreline plantings help prevent erosion, provide habitat and help improve water quality. This program provides you with a free site visit, a customized planting plan using native plants. The grant rate is 75% up to a maximum of $1000.