Bay of Quinte History Journal

Take a tour through time with the Bay of Quinte History Journal, it is an interactive map that shows the evolution of the Bay’s waterfront from its industrial past to present day. In 1985, the Bay was designated an Area of Concern (AOC), which is an area where human activities have severely degraded the environment. Each AOC must develop and implement a comprehensive Remedial Action Plan (RAP) to address the environmental issues.

Since the development of the RAP numerous federal and provincial agencies, municipalities, industries, conservation authorities and the public have been working to complete all the recommendations outlined in the RAP.

There have been significant changes and improvements to the Bay’s waterfront. Now, there is abundant fish and wildlife habitat, facilitating a world-class walleye and bass fishery. Industrial sites have been rehabilitated and are used for community activities. There have been upgrades to sewage treatment plants, stormwater management plans have been developed and abatement strategies implemented for industries.

Today, the Bay is close to having its Area of Concern status removed and is recognized as a gem in the Great Lakes system.

The map is designed to be a living document, meaning it can be updated regularly. If you have any photos or information you think would contribute to the storyline of this map, please contact You can also upload photos to the map’s social media page.

Click on the map below to view the History Journal of the Bay of Quinte.